Emblem | БГАА



An Emblem of the educational establishment “Belarusian State Academy of Aviation” (hereinafter – Emblem) represents a blue circle with a golden border, there is a golden buzzard bird in the center with outstretched wings up and sideways and  its head looking up. In the bird’s clutches there is a silver opened book, on top of which a golden laurel branch. Along the circumference of the emblem there is a silver motto ribbon with the inscription «БЕЛАРУСКАЯ ДЗЯРЖАЎНАЯ АКАДЭМІЯ АВІЯЦЫІ» in blue. Along the circumference of the emblem in the upper part there are golden laurel garlands.

The basis of the Emblem - the circle represents a community of people united by a common goal - training in flight business. Buzzard - the image of the master of the Belarusian sky, the master of aerobatics and, if necessary, attack and battle. The symbol of knowledge and learning is an open book. The laurel points to the sphere of education, science, creativity, and also symbolizes the glorious traditions and merits of Belarusian pilots.

Gold color symbolizes strength and glory, silver - honesty and modesty. Blue is the color of the sky and heavenly protection, color of aviation, science and education.