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Frequently asked Questions

Question: I am an employee of the Academy, can I divide my vacation into parts?
Answer: in accordance with paragraph 58 of the Collective agreement-labor leave can be divided into parts. In this case, one part must be at least 14 (fourteen) calendar days.

Question: How to get to the health resort?
Answer: You need to apply to the Commission for rehabilitation and Spa treatment of BGAA.

Question: Where can I find the full version of the SOK and soot documents?
Answer: the full electronic version of the documents of the quality assurance System and the occupational safety management System can be found on the local server of the BGAA.

Question: How to get an appointment with the rector, if I am not an employee of the Academy?
Answer: you need to make an appointment. The Schedule of reception by the management of the educational institution "Belarusian state aviation Academy" of citizens and employees on personal (non-production) and other issues can be found here.

Question: I am studying at Osso, can I take part in NIRK?
Answer: cadets and undergraduates of all faculties of the Academy and all forms of education can take part in NIRC.

Question: Do I need to pass a medical examination for admission to the faculty of civil aviation, if so, where and in what time it can be passed?
Answer: for admission to the specialty: 1-37 04 01 "Technical operation of aircraft and engines", 1-37 04 02 — 01 " Technical operation of aviation equipment (instrument and electro-lighting equipment)", 1-37 04 02 - 02 " Technical operation of aviation equipment (electronic equipment)", 1-37 04 03-02 01 "Technical operation of unmanned aerial systems" applicants are provided with the following information to the admission Committee:

medical certificate of health in the form established by the Ministry of health;

medical certificate from psychoneurological dispensary;

medical certificate from the drug dispensary;

applicants entering the specialty 1-44 0105-01 "traffic Management and support of flights on air transport" (air traffic management). For carrying out medical and flight expert Commission (further - Vlek) it is required to provide in Vlek the following list of medical documents (references):

  • Blood test for RMP (RW)
  • Blood sugar test
  • Blood test-for HIV + hepatitis b markers
  • The MRI of the brain vessels
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Abdominal ultrasound (pelvic ultrasound for girls)
  • Ultrasound of the heart
  • ECG
  • Fluorography (including up to 18 years)
  • 3The key and the pathologist
  • Conclusion dermatovenerologist
  • Help from a narcologist, psychotherapist
  • Certificate of preventive vaccinations
  • Help about the transferred diseases

Vlek is carried out by doctors-specialists in GU "medical service of civil aviation" at the address: Minsk; Korotkevich str., 7.

In addition for Vlek are provided (personally):

1. Military ID or certificate of enlistment (for young men)
2. Passport
3. Photo 3x4 - 2 PCs.
4. Folder folder - 2 PCs. for admission to the specialty 1-44 0105-01 " traffic Management and flight operations in air transport (air traffic management)»

Information on the BSAA website

Question: What documents do I need to get an invitation to study?
Answer: Applicants from among foreign citizens and stateless persons (their representatives) submit the following documents to the admission Committee:

  • application addressed to the head in the form established by the Ministry of education;
  • certificate (document) of education indicating the studied subjects and received marks (points) - subject to recognition in the prescribed manner of these documents in the Republic of Belarus;
  • finally, medical Advisory Board, issued by territorial health organization of Belarus (after passing compulsory medical examination at the direction of the institution of education) for admission to full-time (day) form of education;
  • medical report on the state of health and certificate of absence of HIV infection, issued by the official health authority of the country from which the candidate came to study;
  • original (copy) of birth certificate;
  • 6 photos size 3x4 cm;
  • certificate of completion of the faculty of pre-University training, preparatory Department, preparatory courses of educational institutions (at the end of the faculties of pre-University training, preparatory departments, preparatory courses of educational institutions).

The listed documents executed in a foreign language shall be accompanied by their translation into Russian, certified by a notary.

Details Can be found on the website of the Academy

Question: On what speciality to take the girls to the Department of civil aviation?
Answer: in the order of admission to the institution of education "Belarusian state Academy of aviation" for 2019, there are no restrictions for admission to the Academy at the faculty of civil aviation for women. More details Can be found on the website of the Academy

Question: what can be scholarships at the faculty of civil aviation for secondary special education and what do they depend on?
Answer: the Faculty of civil aviation prepares specialists of higher education of I, II levels. The scholarship of the students depends on the average score. At the faculty of civil aviation-66.74 .. 106.78; at the Department of secondary special education-55.74 .. 89,18.

Question: is there correspondence training for air traffic controllers for foreign citizens?
Answer: the Academy of aviation does not teach cadets in the specialty 1-44 01 05 "organization of traffic and provision of flights on air transport"by correspondence.

Question: is it Possible to get special secondary education after the 9th grade?
Answer: Training on the level of secondary special education in UO BGAA, is carried out on the basis of General secondary education (after grade 11).