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Public control in the fight against corruption. Anti-corruption Commission.

Effective anti-corruption is possible only with the active participation of the public (citizens and organizations, including public associations) in the fight against this negative phenomenon.

According to article 46 of the anti corruption Act public control activities may take the following forms:

- participation in the development and national (public) discussion of draft normative legal acts in the fight against corruption;

- participation in the activities of anti-corruption commissions established in state bodies and organizations;

– in other forms provided by the legislation.

Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus dated 26.12.2011 No. 1732 approved the Model regulations on the Commission on combating corruption. Such commissions are established in the Republican bodies of state administration and other state organizations subordinated to the Government of the Republic of Belarus, regional, Minsk city, city, district Executive committees, local administrations of districts in cities, management companies of holdings.

The main tasks of the commissions are:

- accumulation of information on violations of the anti-corruption legislation committed by employees of the state body (organization), as well as subordinates (members of the system, composition) of organizations, including non-state ownership;

- generalization and analysis of information received, including from state bodies engaged in the fight against corruption, on violations of anti-corruption legislation by employees of the state body (organization), subordinate organizations;

- timely identification of corruption risks and measures to neutralize them;

- development and organization of measures to combat corruption in the state body( organization), subordinate organizations, analysis of the effectiveness of measures taken;

- coordination of the activities of structural units of the state body( organization), subordinate organizations for the implementation of anti-corruption measures;

- interaction with state bodies engaged in the fight against corruption, public associations and other organizations on combating corruption;

- consideration of issues of prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest, as well as making appropriate proposals to the head of the state body (organization);

- consideration of compliance with the rules of ethics of a civil servant (corporate ethics);

- consideration of measures taken to eliminate the consequences of corruption offenses and offenses that create conditions for corruption.

On the basis of the rector's order No. 179 of 21.12.2015, the anti-corruption Commission has been established and is functioning in the Belarusian state aviation Academy.