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Responsibility for corruption

Depending on the consequences of offences, criminal, administrative, disciplinary and civil liability for corruption has been established in the Republic of Belarus.

The Criminal code of the Republic of Belarus contains very severe sanctions for committing corruption crimes – up to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property and deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities.

The Code of administrative offences defines measures of administrative responsibility for certain types of corruption offences. These include in particular:

- violation of the procedure for the use of budget funds, state extra-budgetary funds or the organization of public procurement of goods (works, services) (article 11.16 of the administrative Code);

- violation of the order of competitions and auctions

(article 23.83 of the administrative Code);

- refusal to provide information (article 9.6. Administrative code).

The anti-corruption Law provides for disciplinary liability for corruption. As the most severe sanction, article 43 of the Law provides for dismissal from office (dismissal). Heads of state bodies and other organizations are obliged to inform the state bodies engaged in the fight against corruption about the facts of Commission of corruption offenses by subordinate employees within ten days from the moment when they became aware of them.

Article 36 of the anti-corruption Law establishes civil liability for the accuracy of information specified in annual declarations of income and property. In cases of established apparent excess of the declared value of the property and other costs (25%) over income derived from legitimate sources, property and other costs, clearly exceed the confirmed income, gratuitously withdrawn (recovered) or collected the cost of such property in the state.