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Subjects of corruption offenses

Subjects of the offenses creating conditions for corruption, and corruption offenses are the state officials and the persons equated to the state officials.

State officials are workers permanently or temporarily occupying positions connected with performance organizationally-administrative or administrative-economic duties in state institutions and non-governmental organizations, which authorized funds more than 50% of shares (stocks) is owned by the state and (or) its administrative territorial units.

Persons equated to public officials are employees who permanently or temporarily occupy in organizations with the state Department less than 50% of the positions associated with the implementation of organizational and administrative or administrative and economic duties, as well as persons authorized in the prescribed manner to perform legally significant actions.

Subjects of corruption offenses are, in addition to the named persons, foreign officials and persons engaged in bribery of all listed persons.

For example: the teacher, carrying out the current certification of the student, carries out thereby legally significant action and is the person equated to the state official. A student who makes a gift to a teacher in connection with the