Symbolism | БГАА


Sustainable development of the Republic of Belarus requires nationwide consent and unity of the Belarusian people, which is possible only on common ideological values ​​that determine the nature of the state, its relationship with society, development focus, strategic objectives and ways to achieve them. The central place among these values ​​is the cultivation of pride in our people, society, state and responsibility for the time in which we live.

The education of the Academy’s cadets is an opportunity to create a personality basis, to form an orientation that determines a person’s attitude to events, cultural and scientific heritage, and historical achievements, understanding his place in society as a person and as a specialist. One of the priority areas of educational work carried out today at the academy is the formation of citizenship as an integrative quality that determines the conscious and active fulfillment of civic duties and obligations to the state, society, people; reasonable use of their civil rights, strict observance and respect of the laws of the country.

With the aim of developing patriotism, pride for the academy and improving the educational activities of the educational establishment “Belarusian State Academy of Aviation”, the symbols of the Academy were established.