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высшее или среднее-специальное экономическое. Стаж работы не менее 3 лет.

Необходимые навыки и знания:
опыт работы в бюджетных организациях; ведение учета основных средств и отдельных предметов в составе оборотных средств; прием первичной документации у материально-ответственных лиц; ведение учет спецодежды и форменного обмундирования; учет и списание бланков строгой отчетности; составление мемориальных ордеров No 8, 9, 10, 13; сверка счетов аналитического учета с главной книгой; сверка остатков материальных ценностей; корректировка данных по учету драгоценных металлов в инвентарных карточках, на основании актов комиссионной оценки о содержании драгоценных металлов; участие в комиссии по списанию имущества, проведении годовой инвентаризации материальных ценностей, драгоценных металлов, содержащихся в них, переоценке основных средств, начислении амортизации; приветствуется знание участка «Касса», ТК-клиент, Клиент-банк.

Associate Professor (or Professor)

The Department of natural Sciences of the faculty of civil aviation requires an associate Professor or Professor to read the course of physics and mechanics

Qualification criteria:

Higher education, academic degree of doctor or candidate of Sciences, the presence of scientific works or inventions, patents, work experience in the positions of teachers, researchers, managers or specialists, whose work corresponds to the direction of education of the Department, not less than 5 years.


Know and use laboratory equipment. Have skills of career guidance. To direct research work of students, including gifted and talented youth, to promote their participation in research, design, creative works, to participate in the organization of competitions of these works. To ensure that students meet the requirements of educational and program documentation of educational programs. To organize and control the independent work of students, to form a stable interest in their studies and in their chosen professional activities, independence in the development of educational programs, the ability to develop and purposefully use individual abilities to achieve success in professional activities. To direct one of the main directions of scientific work, researches in the field of key problems of education, science and technology, is the responsible executor of tasks on research work.


Education: higher pedagogical, work experience as a teacher of 2 categories at least 3 years.

Salary: 450-550 Bel. rub.


organize the life and activities of the cadet team in accordance with the specifics and mode of operation of the educational institution; to study the individual characteristics, interests and inclinations of cadets, to create appropriate conditions for the development of individual and creative abilities, cognitive interests, physical training, correction of deficiencies. to study family and living conditions and on the basis of the analysis to assist cadets to include them in socially useful activities. to plan and carry out educational work, to provide interrelation of training and education, improvement of educational and methodical work, application of advanced experience. to form at cadets adequate self-assessment; to promote formation of spiritual and emotional wellbeing of everyone in system of business and interpersonal relations; to promote the prevention and overcoming of the negative phenomena among pupils. to assist cadets in the organization of self-government, self-government bodies; to develop the initiative; involve parents and members of the public in working with cadets; maintain documentation in the prescribed form and use it for its intended purpose. take part in the work of the pedagogical (methodical) Council, commissions, methodical associations. to carry out one-time official orders of the direct head of legal

Category I educator
The Department of educational work with young people requires a teacher of the I category. Requirements: - higher pedagogical education-work experience as a teacher of the II category at least 3 years

Education: higher (secondary special) education without requirements for work experience.

Salary: 450-550 Bel. rub.


organize and conduct pedagogical activities with students aimed at aesthetic education, culture education in the organization of leisure activities in the Academy (holidays, evenings, theatrical performances, competitions, games, etc.); develop and implement programs and scenarios for various events; to participate in the creation of associations of interest, to involve students in creative activities; establish contacts and cooperation with educational institutions, cultural institutions, creative organizations, public associations; to participate in development of methodical recommendations, carrying out seminars on improvement of forms of the organization of pedagogical activity concerning aesthetic education; to master new, modern methods of work, to promote familiarization of young people with national traditions; maintain documentation in the prescribed form and use it for its intended purpose; to carry out one-time official orders of the direct head.

Economist of planning and economic Department

1. Age.- :

2. Education: higher economic education.

3. Work experience as an economist-at least 2 years in budgetary or scientific organizations.

4. Necessary skills and knowledge:

- experience with extra-budgetary activities in the budget organization;

- preparation of calculations and calculations to them (full cycle);

- preparation of estimates of income and expenses for income-generating activities, economic justification for each type of income;

- knowledge of budget legislation.

5. Official duties:

academic debt, preparatory courses, rent, research works, economic contracts); development of forecast indicators by types of extra-budgetary activities; development of annual estimates of income and expenses by types of extra-budgetary activities with the preparation of economic justifications; implementation of operational adjustments and analysis of the execution of monthly, quarterly and annual plans for items of income and expenses non-budgetary activities, including the payroll in connection with the adoption and (or) entry into force of regulatory legal acts; analysis and control of revenues from extra-budgetary activities (tuition fees, rent, scientific activities, economic contracts); analysis and control of expenditure by types of extra-budgetary activities and by cost category.head's. preparation of calculations with the corresponding justifications and calculations on sources of income (paid training, postgraduate study, liquidation



Higher education(linguistic, philological, journalism or technical). Computer knowledge (Microsoft Office, various PDF viewer programs, Google apps (Drive, Docs, Gmail) Knowledge of English. Fast writing and editing skills. Ownership of graphic packages (Illustrator, Corel, Photoshop)/ High degree of responsibility, ability to work in multitasking mode. Understanding the principles of writing strong informational and marketing texts.


Typing and formatting texts in Russian, Belarusian and English. Proofreading, quality control, stylistic proofreading of texts. Writing original texts. Collecting material, writing information and news articles for the site, social networks.
Electric and gas welder


Availability of 5 discharge; Work experience in the specialty is not less than 5 years.


Additional requirement:

Experience with plumbing equipment. The absence of bad habits. Diligence, discipline.
  • Skills of work with manual arc and gas welding of devices, details, knots, designs and pipelines from various steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys.
  • experience in welding complex structures in block design in all spatial positions of the weld;

Requires an electrician not lower than the 5th category for maintenance of electrical installations.


secondary special education; experience in maintenance of electrical installations up to 1000 W; - - electrical installation skills; responsibility, diligence, absence of bad habits.
Facing worker-tiler

The Department of buildings and structures requires a roofer-tiler.


have skills and professional training not lower than the 4th category; availability of medical Board; basic education in the required specialty; no bad habits; experience in General construction specialties on the construction site, maintenance of educational buildings and dormitories, in the integrated team; experience in the specialty: plasterer, finisher.

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