Cycle Commission “Aircraft and Airport Mechanization” (AC and AGR) | БГАА

Cycle Commission “Aircraft and Airport Mechanization” (AC and AGR)


For the organization of the educational process in the preparation of specialists with secondary specialized education in the following specialties:

2-37 04 01 "Technical operation of aircraft and engines" at the department of secondary specialized education formed a cycle commission "Aircraft and engines".

The recruitment for the specialty is carried out only for young men.

The term for obtaining secondary specialized education in a specialty is 2 years 10 months.

In the process of training, cadets master the program of educational practice to obtain the qualification of a worker with the assignment of a category.

Upon completion of training, the qualification "Technician" is awarded.

2-36 11 01 "Hoisting-and-transport, construction, road machines and equipment", the term of study in this specialty is 2 years 6 months.

Upon completion of the training, the qualification "Technician-mechanic" is awarded.

Civil aviation cadets (boys) have the opportunity to study under the training programs for junior commanders and reserve officers.

Graduates of the department of secondary specialized education have the opportunity to receive higher education of the 1st stage at the BSAA in a shortened period (correspondence course).

The competence of the Cycle Commission "Aircraft and Engines" includes:

  • conducting educational work with cadets, creating the necessary conditions for the development of cadets' creative abilities;
  • ensuring the training of highly qualified specialists, competitive and mobile in the labor market, ready for further professional and personal development;
  • study and generalization of positive teaching experience, increasing the level of professional competence of teaching staff;
  • interaction with structural divisions of the academy on issues of quality assurance in education.



Chairman of the cyclic commission of aircraft and airport mechanization facilities, teacher of the first qualification category
KOSHEVENKO Nikolay Mikhailovich

phone +375 17 343 95 33
building № 3


STANKEVICH Vitaly Alexandrovich

phone +375 17 343 95 33
building № 3


TSYZA Yulia Valentinovna

phone +375 17 343 95 33
building № 3


Teacher of the first qualification category
DENISOV Igor Vyacheslavovich

phone +375 17 343 95 33
building № 3

The cycle Commission provides study of the following disciplines:

  1. Aviation legislation
  2. Aircraft aerodynamics
  3. Air transport security
  4. Aircraft engine design
  5. Design of aircraft
  6. Civil aviation aircraft design
  7. Civil aviation aircraft engine design
  8. Materials science
  9. Occupational Safety and Health
  10. Repair of aircraft and engines
  11. Aircraft engine theory
  12. Technical operation of aircraft and engines
  13. Maintenance and repair of aircraft and civil aviation engines
  14. The human factor in flight safety.

Цикловая комиссия обеспечивает изучение следующих дисциплин:

График консультаций на 2018-2019 учебный год

  1. Автомобильные эксплуатационные материалы
  2. Аэродинамика воздушных судов
  3. Аэродромные средства и средства механизации аэропортов
  4. Конструкция авиационных двигателей
  5. Конструкция воздушных судов
  6. Конструкция воздушных судов гражданской авиации
  7. Конструкция двигателей воздушных судов гражданской авиации
  8. Машины и механизмы для содержания аэродромов
  9. Основы строительства и эксплуатации автомобильных дорог
  10. Основы управления транспортными средствами и безопасность движения
  11. Первая помощь пострадавшим при ДТП
  12. Правила дорожного движения
  13. Правовые основы дорожного движения
  14. Ремонт воздушных судов и двигателей
  15. Строительные, дорожные машины и оборудование
  16. Теория авиационных двигателей
  17. Теория двигателей внутреннего сгорания
  18. Техническая эксплуатация аэродромных средств и средств механизации аэропортов
  19. Техническая эксплуатация воздушных судов и двигателей
  20. Техническое обслуживание и ремонт воздушных судов и двигателей ГА
  21. Устройство и эксплуатация автомобилей и тракторов