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Cycle Commission “Aircraft and Engines”


The cycle commission “Aircraft and Engines” (aircraft and aircraft) was created by order of the rector dated 02.08.2017 No. 189.

The cycle commission “Aircraft and Engines” was created in 1991. The first set of cadets was carried out in 1992, the first graduation in 1995.

The first teachers of the new specialty were Sidunov A.I., Efremov S.N., Mironovich A.M., Kuryakov A.A. The first chairman of the cyclic commission was Efremov S.N. 



The cycle commission “Aircraft and Engines” trains aviation specialists in the following specialties:

2-37 04 01 “Technical operation of aircraft and engines”

specialization 2-37 04 01-01 "Technical operation of aircraft and engines of civil aviation"

specialization 2-37 04 01-02 "Technical operation of aircraft and engines of state aviation"

Qualification: Technician.

Duration of study: 2 years 10 months.

Recruitment is only for boys.


Training in specialty 2-37 04 01 “Technical Operation of Aircraft and Engines” ensures the qualification of “Technician” and the profession of worker “Aviation mechanic for glider and engines (for boys)” of the second category.


The cycle commission “Aircraft and Engines” is a part of the BGAA secondary specialized education department. The direct management of the cycle commission is carried out by the chairman of the cycle commission.

  1. The competence of the work of the cyclic commission include:
  2. interaction with the structural units of the Academy on issues of ensuring the quality of education;
  3. conducting educational work with cadets;
  4. integration of the educational process with production, science and culture;
  5. improvement of pedagogical skills and methodological skills, assistance to teachers and masters of industrial training;
  6. study and generalization of positive pedagogical experience, conducting open training sessions and educational events;
  7. participation in the experimental and innovative activities of the academy;
  8. management of research and creative activities of cadets.

At the cyclic commission, individual consultations and group classes are regularly held.

Individual work is based on an individual approach: tact, attention, careful attitude to any independent thought of cadets, encouragement of each, albeit small, success.

The cyclic commission has the material and technical base, which is jointly used by the UB ESRTOS and UA necessary for the implementation of the educational process in accordance with the curriculum of the specialty.


At a theoretical lesson in the discipline "Technical Maintenance of Aircraft and Engines"


Do-it-yourself cadets made graduates of the wind tunnel.


Conducting training sessions in the specialty alternates: cadets are engaged both in classrooms and at the training aerodrome.


During practical exercises, students work with the engine. The build process is successful.


In practice, we fix certain points on the technical operation of the aircraft landing gear.


It is one thing to get acquainted with the equipment of the aircraft in the audience, and quite another is to test the operability of the same equipment in a training hangar. We overcome difficulties when working in pairs.


Classrooms are saturated with samples of aviation equipment.


Conducting current certification. During the exam in the discipline "Technical operation of aircraft and engines."


Today, the basic organizations are: RUE “National Airport Minsk”; Belavia Airlines OJSC; JSC Transaviaexport Airline; BELAERONAVIGATSIA Republican Unitary Air Navigation Services Enterprise; Minsk Civil Aviation Plant No. 407 OJSC; Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant OJSC.

Military training under the programs of junior commanders and reserve officers may be conducted by cadets (youths) who do not have medical contraindications.

Graduates can continue their studies at the academy and receive higher education at the first level with the qualification of “Engineer” in the specialty 1-37 04 01 “Technical Operation of Aircraft and Engines” on correspondence courses in a shortened period of time (3 years 6 months).


KOSHEVENKO Nikolay Mikhailovich,
Chairman of the Central Committee of the Armed Forces and D, teacher of the first qualification category


DENISOV Igor Vyacheslavovich,
teacher of the first qualification category


STANKEVICH Vitaliy Alexandrovich,

Consultation schedule for the 2019-2020 academic year

The cycle Commission provides study of the following disciplines:

  1. Aviation legislation
  2. Aerodynamics of aircraft
  3. Air transport security
  4. Aircraft engine design
  5. Design of aircraft
  6. Design of air vessels of civil aviation
  7. Civil aviation aircraft engine design
  8. Materials science
  9. Labour protection
  10. The human factor in ensuring flight safety
  11. The repair of aircraft and engines
  12. Technical operation of aircraft and engines
  13. Maintenance and repair of aircraft and engines GAZ

Цикловая комиссия обеспечивает изучение следующих дисциплин:

График консультаций на 2018-2019 учебный год

  1. Автомобильные эксплуатационные материалы
  2. Аэродинамика воздушных судов
  3. Аэродромные средства и средства механизации аэропортов
  4. Конструкция авиационных двигателей
  5. Конструкция воздушных судов
  6. Конструкция воздушных судов гражданской авиации
  7. Конструкция двигателей воздушных судов гражданской авиации
  8. Машины и механизмы для содержания аэродромов
  9. Основы строительства и эксплуатации автомобильных дорог
  10. Основы управления транспортными средствами и безопасность движения
  11. Первая помощь пострадавшим при ДТП
  12. Правила дорожного движения
  13. Правовые основы дорожного движения
  14. Ремонт воздушных судов и двигателей
  15. Строительные, дорожные машины и оборудование
  16. Теория авиационных двигателей
  17. Теория двигателей внутреннего сгорания
  18. Техническая эксплуатация аэродромных средств и средств механизации аэропортов
  19. Техническая эксплуатация воздушных судов и двигателей
  20. Техническое обслуживание и ремонт воздушных судов и двигателей ГА
  21. Устройство и эксплуатация автомобилей и тракторов