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Department of tactics and General military disciplines


The Department of tactics and General military disciplines dates back to December 2006, when the military Department of the aviation College was formed cycle of General military disciplines and combat management, which was headed by Colonel Matskevich Peter Ivanovich. A year later, in connection with the creation of the military faculty, the Department of General military disciplines and combat management was formed on the basis of the cycle.

In 2008, the Department was headed by Colonel Linnik Ivan Petrovich, who led it until 2013.

In 2011, the Department was renamed the Department of tactics and General military disciplines.

From February 2013 to January 2014 the duties of the head of the Department was performed by Lieutenant Colonel Alexey Grinevich. From January 2014 to the present time the Department is headed by Colonel Oleg Nekrasov. In 2015, in connection with the transformation of the aviation College into an educational institution "Belarusian state Academy of aviation", there was a reorganization of the Department with its division into cycles.

Currently, the Department trains cadets experienced teachers: Colonel Oleg V. Nekrasov, Lieutenant colonels Alexander E. Zinkevich, Anton S. Popov, Viktor Ivanovich Golub, Vitaly V. Kalik, Alexey V. Mikhalev, major Vasily O. Sharanovich.

The Department trains cadets of the Armed Forces, cadets of the faculty of civil aviation under the programs of Junior commanders and reserve officers.


The basis of training at the Department is tactics, physical training and General military disciplines.



The material base of the Department includes two specialized classrooms, a tactical campus, a sports hall and a stadium with a gymnastic campus, which allows to conduct classes at a high level and prepare highly qualified military specialists.


The staff of the Department conducts research work. The teaching staff actively participates in various conferences and exhibitions.


- training of cadets in cadre officer training programs;

- improvement of the system of training cadre officers with higher and secondary education for the air force and air defense forces;

- training of cadets on programs of training of Junior commanders, reserve officers;

- comprehensive methodological support of the educational process;

- conducting scientific research;

- improvement of educational material base of the Department;

- carrying out sports-mass and educational work with cadets.


The Academy holds classes on the discipline of physical culture, training sessions with national teams, competitions and other sports events.


National teams successfully act and are constant prize-winners in competitions conducted by administration of the Factory area, in sports contest of civil institutions of higher education, sports contest among military facultets in institutions of higher education.


Overcoming the distance of 5 km in uniform with weapons


VF cadets, as part of the national team of UO "BGAA", take prizes in the Championships of the Zavodsky district of Minsk and among civil institutions of higher education in athletics, kettlebell lifting and among civil institutions of higher education.


Military personnel of military faculty under the leadership of teachers of Department successfully act in sports contest of military faculties in institutions of higher education, the Championships of Armed Forces in various sports, and also city and regional competitions where are constant prize-winners.


Worthy are the teams of the military faculty at the Spartakiads of military faculties in institutions of higher education


They regularly take part in various Republican sports events, such as "Minsk half marathon" and "Race for real men".


The national team in kettlebell lifting of the military faculty in educational institution "Belarusian state Academy of aviation»

Некрасов Head of the Department of tactics and General military disciplines
Colonel Oleg Nekrasov