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Department of unmanned aerial systems and combat control


Training of PERSONNEL OFFICERS (cadets of the Armed Forces) with higher education is carried out in the specialty "Unmanned aerial systems" on specializations:

"Technological operation of unmanned aerial systems" (unmanned aerial vehicle operators and target load operators);
"Technical operation of unmanned aircraft systems".
After graduation, graduates will serve in the Armed Forces as operators of unmanned aerial vehicles, target load operators and maintenance specialists of unmanned aerial systems.
Graduates are awarded the rank of Lieutenant and the qualification " Engineer. Management specialist».
Graduates of this specialty are most in demand and have a good prospect of career growth in the military.
The term of study is 4 years.

Training of RESERVE OFFICERS (cadets of Civil aviation) is carried out on specialties:
"Technical operation of aircraft and engines", military accounting specialty "Operation and repair of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft".
Graduates are awarded the rank of reserve Lieutenant and the qualification "Engineer".
"Organization of movement and support of flights on air transport (organization of air traffic)", military accounting specialty "Combat flight control from control points".
Graduates are awarded the rank of Lieutenant of the reserve and the qualification of "Engineer for the organization of air traffic".
After graduation, reserve officers have the opportunity to enlist in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and serve as officers of the combat control of control points, assistant flight managers of the flight management group.
The Department provides training for officers, warrant officers and military personnel serving under the contract on military training courses:

  • training courses for unmanned aerial vehicle operators;
  • training courses for flight managers of unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • training courses for engineering and technical personnel of unmanned aerial systems;
  • courses ensigns in the specialty "Senior Manager".

Experienced teaching staff and a good educational and material base provide cadets with deep theoretical knowledge and acquisition of practical skills in the chosen specialization.

A significant part of the educational process is based on practical training of cadets. Practical classes are held in aviation military units.

The Department has training facilities and aircraft models for initial flight training.

In the process of training cadets are involved in the implementation of scientific research, take part in innovation and inventive work under the guidance of experienced specialists of the Department.

Representatives of the Department took part in the international arms exhibition "Mileks" and In the international aviation and space salon "MAKS-2011»

As part of the work of the military scientific society of the military faculty, the Department operates a military scientific circle "Aviation modeling".

The sports team of the Department, consisting of teachers and cadets, constantly participates in competitions in model sports.


Head of Department
candidate of history
Colonel Dyakov Dmitry Alexandrovich


Teaching staff of the Department

head of the Department Colonel Dmitry Dyakov
associate Professor Lieutenant Colonel Konstantin Rogachevsky
senior lecturer major Igor Rozhkov
teacher major Mikhailov Alexander Romanovich
the head of the cycle Lieutenant Colonel Vitaly Gorodnichuk
senior teacher, Lieutenant-Colonel Tyupin Roman Leonidovich
the teacher Lieutenant Colonel Korobov Vladimir Vladimirovich
teacher, Lieutenant-Colonel Ermolin Dmitry Vladimirovich

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