Documents provided by applicants in BSAA in 2019 | БГАА

Documents provided by applicants in BSAA in 2019

1. Application to the rector of BGAA;

2. The originals of documents about education;

3. Originals of CT results (2019 or 2018)*;

4. Medical certificate of the established form **;

5. An extract (copy) from the employment record, and (or) a copy of the civil contract, and (or) a copy of the certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur (for applicants entering for higher education in correspondence (at the expense of the budget) form of higher education);

6. Six photos of size 3x4;

7. Two postage envelopes with stamps in the Republic of Belarus;

8. Passport or a document replacing it (presented by the applicant personally).

Russian Russian (Belarusian) language, mathematics, and English certificates are required for the specialty "traffic Management and air transport operations". for admission to other specialties, the original certificates of the DTC in Russian (Belarusian) language, physics, and mathematics are required.

Note * * - when applying for the specialty (specialty direction) "traffic Management and flight operations on air transport (air traffic management)" of the faculty of civil aviation, the medical indications established for the aviation personnel of the civil aviation of the Republic of Belarus (resolution of the State Committee on aviation of the Republic of Belarus of March 29, 2005 No. 5) may be a restriction on admission. Before the entrance tests, persons entering the BGAA in this specialty at the faculty of civil aviation are subject to mandatory medical examination in the medical flight Commission (Vlek). Medical examination in Vlek is carried out free of charge on the personal application of the applicant by doctors-specialists in GU "Medical service of civil aviation" (city of Minsk, Korotkevich street 7A).The procedure for passing a medical examination is indicated on the Vlek website (