Documents submitted by applicants to the BSAA in 2019 | БГАА

Documents submitted by applicants to the BSAA in 2019

  1. An application addressed to the rector of the Aviation Academy, indicating the full name of the selected faculty, specialty (specialization, specialization), information on whose interests (Armed Forces, internal affairs agencies, border guards, other troops and military units, paramilitary organizations) wishes to undergo training;
  2. Identity document; originals of documents confirming receipt of general secondary education (certificate) or vocational education with general secondary education (diploma and its annex) or specialized secondary education (diploma and its annex);
  3. Service certificate (military ID);
  4. Originals of certificates of Centralized Testing. carried out in the Republic of Belarus in 2019 or 2018 according to the relevant entrance examinations;
  5. Travel certificate (separately for each soldier who is serving under the contract, military service, reservist);
  6. Medical log;
  7. Documents confirming the right of the applicant for admission benefits to training.