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Department of International Affairs

Specialist of the Department
Maria M. Mineeva

Phone: +375173964302
Location: office 1314, main building1

A passport officer
Tamara V. Bortnik
Phone: +375 17 3569688
Location: Dormitory №1, office 102



BSAA is a unique educational center in the Republic of Belarus. The development of international cooperation and the internationalization of the Academy are aimed at strengthening the position of BSAA in the international educational area.

Belarusian State Academy of Aviation is developing international relations on the basis of the principle of equal rights of all partners in the framework of international cooperation and academic exchange, as well as agreements on scientific and educational cooperation with government and international organizations, foreign educational establishments and research centers.

International activities of BSAA ensure increasing in the share of foreign students, the development of joint projects with foreign universities and business partners, the participation of the Academy’s scientific and teaching staff as teachers in foreign educational establishments, increasing in the share of foreign teachers in the program “Visiting Professor” and organization of cooperative programs with foreign universities with double degree programs.

The Academy's activities are aimed at the development of academic mobility and joint educational programs based on partnerships with universities in Europe and Asia; prospects for interaction with educational establishments in North and South America and Africa are being studied. BSAA facilitates the exchange of faculty and scientific personnel, organizes student exchange work, and participates in international scientific and educational programs and exhibitions. Today the Academy has a practice of accepting foreign cadets for various training programs.

The priority area of ​​international activity is the recognition of BSAA in international university consortia, the participation of the Academy in integrated educational projects, the development of cooperation with representatives of scientific and academic community, universities and public organizations around the world.


Organization of educational process

Education in BSAA is carried out under the programs of higher education I and II level (5 + 1), as well as postgraduate studies (graduate school, doctoral studies).

Forms of study: full-time, part-time, reduced.

Curriculum: the curriculum of educational programs consists of studying individual disciplines, passing educational, industrial and undergraduate practices, performing independent work, preparing and defending term papers and diploma projects (projects), and passing state exams.

The educational process: training at the Academy is carried out in the form of lectures, seminars and workshops, attendance of which is a prerequisite for the implementation of the curriculum by cadets.

Admission to BSAA for foreign citizens

For admission to BSAA, the following education level is required:

- for studying at faculties - at the level of the general secondary in the Republic of Belarus and at the level of secondary specialized education for extramural studies.

- for studying in magistracy – at a bachelor's level (confirmation of the equivalence of a bachelor's diploma to the corresponding education of the Republic of Belarus)

- for postgraduate studies - at the master's level (confirmation of equivalence of a bachelor’s and master’s diploma with the corresponding education of the Republic of Belarus)

Admission and necessary documents

Admission to Belarusian State Academy of Aviation is regulated by the "Rules for admission of persons for higher education of the first level" and the "Rules for the admission of persons for secondary specialized education".

To pass the entrance tests you should come to Minsk.

Invitation, study visa

To receive an invitation to study and undergo a preliminary selection at the Department of International affairs of BSAA, you must provide:

1. Application for studying;

2. Notarized copies of the translation into Russian (if documents are not in Russian) of educational documents with the application of the studied subjects and received grades / marks (certificate of secondary education / diploma of completion of a secondary special / higher education establishment and its annex; others certificates and certificates of completion of the preparatory department, Russian language courses, foreign language studies, continuing education courses, etc.).

3) A notarized copy of the translation into Russian (if not in Russian) of medical report on the state of health issued by the official health authority of the country from which the candidate for study (sample medical certificate) arrives with a translation into Russian; for citizens of Turkmenistan - a certificate in the form 086 / h (with translation into Russian). The medical report is valid for 6 months.

4) A certificate of testing for HIV infection with translation into Russian (if document is not in Russian). The medical certificate is valid for 6 months.

5) A copy of the passport valid for the period of study, with a translation into Russian (if passport is not in Russian).

6) A copy of the birth certificate with a translation into Russian (if document is not in Russian) - for minors.

7) 6 photos 3x4.

Important: All documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a translation into Russian. The translation of all documents except passport must be notarized. Foreign applicants must make a notarized translation of their passport upon arrival in the Republic of Belarus.

The documents mentioned above must be sent to the Academy by mail with the note “Department of International Affairs. Application for study. "

An invitation to study is issued based on the results of document verification for free.

After arriving in Belarus

The cadet goes through the admission process to the Academy:

- filing an application in person and providing the original documents;

- passing an interview;

- passing a mandatory medical examination;

Administrative expenses upon arrival:

Temporary registration for the period of staying in Belarus -$ 60 ;

Mandatory medical examination - $ 100;

Registration of a notarized translation of a passport into Russian - $ 30;

 “Vacation visa” (if necessary) - 40 US dollars;

“Visa on departure” (if necessary) - $ 30;

Medical insurance (if necessary) - 170 euro per 1 year (at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on the day of payment).



Education at BSAA

Inclusive Education at BSAA (“Two Diplomas” program)


Visiting Professor

General education and continuing education programs

Study abroad

Inclusive Education at BSAA Partner Universities

International academic mobility programs:


Visiting Professor

Joint Graduate Studies Programs

Contests, grants, scholarships for young researchers and researchers

Meetings with International Prize Laureates


Institute of Transport and Telecommunication (Latvia)

Institute of Air and Space Law "AEROHELP" (Russia)

Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation (Russia)

Nanchang Aviation University (PRC)

Tajik Technical University (The Republic of Tajikistan)

Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation named after the Chief Marshal of Aviation B.P. Bugaev (Russia)

Zhenghou University of Aeronautics (PRC)