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Participation in international ratings

Participation in international ratings is one of the directions of the development of the aviation academy, which allows you to effectively include the academy in the international educational environment, coordinate educational and research processes with international rules and standards in the field of education. Monitoring of the BSAA rating allows you to adjust the direction of educational, scientific and managerial policy.

WRWU Rating


The ranking of Webometrics universities (Webometrics Ranking of World Universities) is calculated by the Cybermetrics research group, which is the part of the National Research Council of Spain. Webometrics analyzes the presence of universities on the Internet, including scientific publications. According to the developers of the rating, the indicators used allow us to create a fairly complete picture of the activities of university teachers and researchers. Due to the fact that indicators are not calculated manually, but are found from various information systems on the Internet, the Webometrics ranking includes an order of magnitude more universities than the Shanghai ranking, THE or QS.


The ranking of universities is published every six months (in January and July). The position of the university is determined using the following indicators calculated for its website:

  • Impact - Majestic SEO and  ahrefs; databases are used for calculation; the parameter values for each university are calculated as the square root of the product of the number of links to the number of referring domains, 10 domains with the largest number of links are excluded from the calculation, after which averaging over the databases used (weight 0.5);
  • presence - the number of pages on the university’s website according to Google search engine data, excluding the number of files (weight 0.1);
  • openness - the number of pdf files on the university website according to Google search engine (weight 0.1);
  • quality of publications - the percentage of articles in the top 10% of the most cited in the world over the past five years (weight 0.3).

Belarusian State Academy of Aviation is in the ranking. January 2018 - 1773 place from the ranked higher education institutions of Central and Eastern Europe and 4233 place from the ranked higher education institutions of Europe

UniRank Rating (4icu)


The UniRank (4icu) rating is determined by the popularity and attendance of sites of 11,958 universities and colleges in 200 countries. 


The rating is calculated using a special formula based on the following web metrics:

Moz Domain Authority
Alexa Global Rank
SimilarWeb Global Rank
Majestic Referring Domains
Majestic Trust Flow