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The project "MOST"


Practically there are no restrictions on age (from 18 years), education and fields of activity for applicants of MOST. The target countries of the project are all member-countries of the European Union. The project covers all costs associated with the implementation of the trip, such as: transport, accommodation, food, visa, insurance, entrance fees.
Participation in MOST is possible in three formats:
- 7 days of short-term residence. Visit to Europe lasting up to 7 days. It’s possible to go individually or by a group 2 to 5 people.
- 28 days of training. Long-term residence allows going to EU for up to 28 days. The visit can be only as an individual.
- 14 days return visit. For EU citizens - partners of MOST program, participants from Belarus. An indispensable condition is successful projects of the participants from the Belarusian side, which they have already completed using MOST program. Maximum duration of the visit is 14 days. One completed application in EU makes it possible to apply for one return visit to Belarus. For example, the applicant has implemented 3 applications in EU; consequently 3 applications can be submitted for a return visit to Belarus.

Fields of participation:
- Science and technologies;
- Business, innovations and IT;
- Culture;
- Education;
- Health service;
- Sport and tourism;
- Society;
- Other

Ways to make contacts with EU:
- Internships with variable duration;
- Study visits to organizations, companies and educational establishments;
- Conferences;
- Festivals;
- Exhibitions;
- Master-classes.

MOST is being implemented by a consortium which is composed Goethe Institute in Minsk (main partner) and the British Council. The highest body in this project is the Steering Committee, consisting of the Delegation of the European Union in Belarus and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.