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In a dispute the truth is born

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Within the framework of the project «Career advice, adaptation, self-realization» on 5 November teacher-psychologist of the Department of Educational Work with Youth Larisa Sazonova conducted the second part of the training "Adaptation" for the cadets and the curator of the first-year of У120 study group .

The purpose of the meeting was to maintain a favorable psychological climate in the team. For this the participants were offered various exercises and games (to overcome constraint, interests of each other, etc.).

One of them - the game "Disaster in a Desert" - caused a heated discussion among the guys. The exercise was useful in that each participant in the group could express their point of view about the importance of objects in the conditions of survival. Thanks to the discussion, the participants managed to come to a common opinion.

At the end of the training relaxation was carried out in order to achieve a state of calm and relaxation.