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About graduate school

Postgraduate study is the first stage of postgraduate education aimed at training specialists with the skills of planning and independent research, deep theoretical knowledge, allowing to prepare a qualifying scientific work (thesis) for the degree of candidate of Sciences. At the first stage of postgraduate education, an educational program of postgraduate studies (adjunct studies) is implemented, which provides obtaining the scientific qualification "Researcher".

Educational programs of postgraduate studies are realized in the form (duration 3 years), correspondence (training period of not more than 4 years) and application form (duration not more than 5 years). Competition as a form of training of scientists of the highest qualification, in addition to the development of the educational program of postgraduate studies, includes the preparation and delivery of candidate examinations and tests in General subjects in cases where the training is held by persons who do not have a master's degree (the training period is not more than five years). Allowed enrollment of individuals trained in application form exclusively for PhD examinations and credits in General subjects (the training period not more than 2 years on a paid basis) for subsequent postgraduate study in the daytime or correspondence education. In this case, at the end of the training period, the scientific qualification "Researcher" is not assigned. Postgraduate education is carried out at the expense of the Republican budget, organizations, individual entrepreneurs or other individuals, including the citizen's own funds, on the basis of contracts for the training of a highly qualified researcher, concluded in accordance with the legislation.

BGA is the training of scientific personnel of higher qualification in the specialty 05.22.14 Exploitation of air transport. The passport of the specialty can be found on the website of the HAC: https://vak.gov.by/node/4441

The minimum program of the candidate exam specialty 05.22.14-Operation of air transport can be found here: https://vak.gov.by/node/4433

The plan of admission to graduate school for training at the expense of the Republican budget is formed at the request of organizations that have a need to train a researcher of the highest qualification.

An agreement on preparation of a research worker of the highest qualification at the expense of the Republican budget, and agreement on the preparation of the scientific worker of the top skills on a paid basis is between Belarusian state Academy of aviation (Contractor), implementing educational programs of postgraduate education, citizen (Students) and the organization that has the need to train a research worker of the highest qualification (Customer). All contracts are concluded individually in the Graduate school of BGAA.

The educational process in the implementation of postgraduate educational programs is organized by academic years, and in academic years by half-year. To control the development of postgraduate content of educational programs at least twice a year, students pass the current certification. Upon completion of training, graduate students pass the final certification. The state attestation Commission assigns the scientific qualification "Researcher" to persons who have successfully completed their postgraduate studies and issues a diploma of researcher (except for persons enrolled in training in the form of a competition for passing candidate examinations and tests in General education disciplines). Graduate students who have received full-time postgraduate education at the expense of the Republican budget, are sent to work in accordance with the contracts and are during the period of mandatory work (2 years) young professionals.

The main tasks of postgraduate study:

  • planning and organization of admission to graduate school;
  • coordination and control of the process of training graduate students, applicants;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the training process in order to improve the quality of training of highly qualified scientists;
  • development of local normative documents of the system of training of highly qualified scientists;
  • participation in the development of the Republican system of training of highly qualified scientists.

Admission to graduate school, all stages of the learning process are coordinated and controlled by the graduate school of BGAA. For training and admission please contact: Uborevich str., 77, K. 1105.