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For citizens of the Republic of Belarus

The plan of admission to graduate school for training at the expense of the Republican budget for specific specialties is formed on the basis of applications from the BGAA divisions, as well as organizations that need to train highly qualified researchers.

Admission plan (forecast admission indicators) for post-graduate education in 2020



higher education;

propensity to research, as evidenced by scientific publications, participation in research and innovation projects, conferences, or other materials;

recommendation of the academic Council of a higher education institution or faculty of this institution (for applicants in the year of graduation from this institution) or practical experience of at least 2 years in positions requiring higher education.

Applicants to graduate school for the scientific qualification "Researcher" in full-time or part-time form of education must pass candidate exams and tests in General education disciplines before entering graduate school.

For those who enter the post-graduate program for training in the form of correspondence education and in the form of competition, practical work experience of at least two years in positions requiring higher education is mandatory.

Admission to the post-graduate school is allowed for persons whose higher education specialty does not correspond to the branch of science in which their post-graduate studies are planned. In the course of training, these persons must also pass an exam in the scope of the General education program of the higher education institution in the specialty (specialization) that coincides with the specialty in graduate school or close to it.

Those who enter the post-graduate school for full-time or part-time education, pass the entrance exam for a special discipline in the scope of the curriculum of the first stage of higher education. In order to obtain postgraduate education in the form of a competition, an entrance exam is not required.

From the entrance exam on special discipline with a grade of "ten", released the winners of special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for social support of gifted pupils and students, or laureates of special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for support of talented youth, or laureates of Republican and international competitions of scientific works in disciplines relevant to the chosen specialty.

Persons entering the post-graduate program, submit an application to the rector of BGAA, which is accompanied by documents in accordance with the list approved by the Ministry of education of the Republic of Belarus

List of documents required for admission to graduate school:

  • application addressed to the rector of the University of the established sample (application form);
  • personal sheet on the registration of personnel with a pasted photo  (personal sheet on the registration of personnel);
  • autobiography (form of autobiography);
  • medical certificate of health status in the form established by the Ministry of health for applicants to higher education institutions;
  • copies of the diploma of higher education and the attached extract from the test and examination sheet;
  • copies of the master's degree and the attached extract from the test-examination sheet.- a copy of the certificate of passing candidate tests (differentiated tests) and candidate examinations in General education disciplines;
  • a copy of the work record or other documents confirming work experience (for employees);
  • a copy of the passport (p. 1, 31, 32, 33 and p. with registration);
  • recommendation of the academic Council (or faculty Council) (in the absence of practical experience of at least 2 years in positions requiring higher education, for those entering the full-time form). The recommendation is issued in the year of higher education. The recommendation should indicate the topic of the master's thesis, as well as reflect the participation of the recommended in scientific and practical events (conferences, seminars, etc.), the availability of publications (articles, reports), patents for inventions, personal scholarships, participation in research (including grants);
  • list and copies of published scientific papers. Persons who do not have published scientific works, inventions and patents, provide a scientific abstract on the profile of the chosen specialty. Research papers or essay (the requirements for the essay are the same as for abstracts and term papers performed in a higher education institution) are reviewed by the prospective supervisor on the back of the examination sheet, in addition, the review of the essay is evaluated on a ten-point system;
  • documents confirming participation in the implementation of research and innovation projects, copies of materials and (or) abstracts at scientific, scientific and practical conferences, congresses, symposiums, and other similar events (if available);
  • application of the organization-the customer of personnel (at the target direction in postgraduate study);
  • three photos in size 4x6 cm;
  • contract for the training of a highly qualified researcher on a budget or paid basis, issued in the appropriate number of copies*;
  • the plastic folder and 5 files for registration of a personal business*.

<*> In accordance with the recommendations of the BGAA graduate school.

Acceptance of documents for postgraduate study for citizens of the Republic of Belarus is carried out from August 1 to September 30

Admission to graduate school from October 15.

At the address: 220096, Minsk, Uborevicha str., 77, K. 1105
tel. +375 17 396-43-02

Operating time:

from 8.30 to 13.00 and from 13.30 to 17.15 (Monday-Thursday),
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