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Cadet self-government


Cadet self-government is one of the forms of educational work in the educational institution “Belarusian State Academy of Aviation”, aimed at forming a diverse, spiritual, moral, creative personality of students in the BGAA. Cadet self-government is an important component of the educational process of the Academy and covers all cadets.

The goal of cadet self-government is to create favorable conditions for the personal and professional formation of each cadet, independent creative activity, awareness of responsibility for decisions made, the formation of a responsible citizenship, the acquisition of team management skills and the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of cadets.

The activities of the bodies of cadet self-government are carried out in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Education and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Belarus, the Charter of the BGAA and these Regulations. The activities of the cadet self-government bodies are coordinated by the vice-rector for educational work, the general management is carried out by the head of the department of educational work with youth (OVRsM), the dean of the FGA (deputy supervising educational and ideological work) at the FSA, and the head (deputy supervising educational and ideological work) at the OSSO. , in dormitories - the head of the campus (an official replacing him).

At the Belarusian State Academy of Aviation, the system of cadet self-government bodies includes the BGAA Cadet Council (KCA), the BGAA Cadet Editorial Board, the Academy Council of Wardens, the Cadet Dormitory Council, the Art Council, and the cadet bureaus of study groups.


  • the development of cadets' sense of responsibility and the formation of an active life position by including them in the management process of the BGAA;
  • assistance in the implementation of leadership abilities, organizational skills and creative potential of cadets;
  • providing conditions for the spiritual, cultural, intellectual and physical development of cadets;
  • creation of a favorable socio-psychological climate in the cadets' teams, an objective public opinion, which serves as the basis for joint decisions;
  • strengthening the positive image and traditions of the BGAA;
  • ensuring high organization and discipline of cadets in the educational process, the proper level of academic performance, purposeful organization of extracurricular time, life and leisure;
  • expansion of relations of the BGAA cadet self-government bodies with similar structures of other UVO.


  • protection of the rights and legitimate interests of cadets;
  • a combination of general academic interests and the interests of cadets;
  • unity and integrity of the system of cadet self-government;
  • the election of cadet self-government bodies, their accountability to cadets;
  • voluntary participation of cadets in the work of bodies of cadet self-government;
  • publicity and consideration of public opinion, constant informing cadets about decisions made in the most important areas of cadet self-government;
  • responsibility of cadet self-government bodies for the legality and validity of decisions; obligatory implementation of decisions of bodies of cadet self-government adopted within their competence.