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“White Russia"

Белая РУсь

The primary organization of the republican public association "Belaya Rus" BGAA began its work on February 26, 2008.

The purpose of the organization:

assistance in uniting the progressive forces of society interested in building a strong and prosperous Belarus, a socially just society based on the patriotic and spiritual and moral values ​​of the Belarusian people.


  • facilitating the participation of citizens in the implementation of the tasks of social and economic development of the country;
  • assistance in the formation of a strong, effective, social state capable of ensuring a decent standard of living for citizens, guaranteeing the protection of their interests;
  • participation in the formation of a civil society in the Republic of Belarus;
  • the education of citizens and the formation of their interest in active participation in the life of the country, the education of patriotism as the most important spiritual and social value;
  • attracting the attention of state bodies, the public and the media to solving urgent problems of the development of the country and society;
  • assistance in the development of international cooperation, establishing interaction with public associations of other states.

  We direct our activities to support social initiatives and projects: “Belaya Rus” - with love for children ”,“ On New Year's Day with “Belaya Rus”, “Belaya Rus” decorates Belarus! ”

New Year's parties and gifts from “Belaya Rus” to the pupils of the orphanage No. 6 of Minsk became traditional.

The organization conducts and participates in activities aimed at civic-patriotic education of youth, the formation of healthy lifestyle skills, support for creative and proactive citizens, veterans of educational institutions.

Charter of the Republican public association "Belaya Rus"

How to become a member of the PA Belaya Rus

Chairman of the primary organization UO "BGAA" ROO Belaya Rus


How to join the NGO "Belaya Rus"

If you share the Program of the NGO “Belaya Rus” and recognize its Charter, are not indifferent to the fate of our Motherland and wish to take an active part in the public life of the country, you can become a member of “Belaya Rus”

Important: Members of the NGO “Belaya Rus” can be capable citizens of the Republic of Belarus, as well as foreign citizens or stateless persons who have reached the age of 18 years.

To join the NGO "Belaya Rus", you must:

Step 1. Contact the primary organization of the Academy.

Step 2. Write an application for admission to the NGO “Belaya Rus”.

Step 3. Get two recommendations from members of the association.

Two members of Belaya Rus who, by the time you submit your application, already know you as an activist, patriot who is aware of responsibility to the country, put their signatures on the statement in the “recommendations” section and decipher them.

Step 4. Submit an application for consideration by the General Meeting of the primary organization or, if the number of primary organizations is more than 50 people, the Council of the primary organization.

Step 5. At the General Meeting (Council meeting) of the primary organization, a vote is taken on your candidacy. After that, you become a member of the authoritative, the largest public association “Belaya Rus” in the Republic.

Step 6. A membership card is awarded after registration and registration of your accounting documents in the district (city) organization. Often this happens in a festive atmosphere, at public events held by the Belaya Rus public organization.